New Craz Loom Designs

New Craz Loom Ideas

Some new designs are coming out weekly with the Craz Loom bands and accessories. Many of these new designs are created by young kids, which are experimenting with different colors and loom designs. Videos to show you just how easy some of these new designs can be created by your kids are always on display here at the Craz Loom blog. All you have to do is have the supplies handy which can be purchased from Amazon with speedy delivery or you can try some of the local toy stores in your area to include:

  • Toys R Us (They even have workshops for kids and teens to learn)
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • K-Mart
  • Costco


Guinea Pigs And Hamsters All Looming Crazy

Guinea Pigs And Hamsters Getting Into The Designs, So Cool!!!

Great designs as the youngsters and adults everywhere are pushing the envelope of designs everywhere. Animals have not taken part into the loom madness. Kids everywhere are trying to be the next creative protege to create something to catch fire with new designs. If you have not mastered any animals with your Cra-Z Loom designs yet, do not worry. I have the video right here for you to get this down pat. At your own leisure.

We all know that creating these designs accurately before your do friends is a must, that is why we bring these Craz-Loom designs to you quickly so that you can stay ahead of the curve. Thanks for visiting as always and do not hesitate to contact us. We have already helped a few students with supplies and information for their homework and or projects. Good luck with your Guinea Pig or Hamster design. Here is the You Tube video.

Craz Loom Art And Ultimate Rubber Band Loom From Cra-Z-Art

Cra-Z-LoomNew Craz Loom Videos

Hello everyone and thanks for landing on the Craz loom blog. Once again I would like to bring to you a collage of some of the new videos that have come out in the last few weeks, as everyone is jumping on the Craz Loom craze.

Companies everywhere are trying to get the next jump on what the new turn will be for the millions of fans everywhere making new and special designs with the loom kits that they have purchased over the holidays.

So if you are new to these designs just watch some of these video and you will be doing them in no time. Enjoy them and remember that Amazon is the place with the lowest prices for the kits and supplies that you want and need for the next great loom design.